Pee'd Off Initiative

On-Campus Water Conservation Initiative
P'eed off

The Pee’d Off Initiative is a student led movement to conserve water on campus, one flush at a time. It aims to replace 1.6  gpf urinals with 0.125 gpf Water Sense certified urinals, as well as  3.5 gpf women toilets and flushometers with 1.28 gpf Water Sense Certified women's toilet tanks and flushometers. This project has seen initial success at the NW restroom at MU, conserving 160,000 gallons of water annually per 4 urinals. There has also been success seen at our second phase of the project at the Goldwater Center on campus by replacing all 14 urinals. These are affordable upgrades with big environmental gains and payback periods under 4 years. The designs are stylish and practical and conform to modern restrooms.  

Our third and fourth phases of this project are currently in motion to replace both women's and mens toilets and urinals in the Sun Devil Fitness Center. We are partnering with the SIRF Grant offered through ASU, as well as the SDFC and a rebate program offered through the City of Tempe to accomplish this!

More information is soon to come!